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Originally Posted by BMWrules7 View Post

"Even if desktop virtualization unexpectedly takes off..."

Where have you been during the past 4 years? You are wrong when you suggest that newer apples are slow running a windows vm. That is just nonsense.

It sounds like you are confused on the difference between client and server.

Are you even aware that apple sold several million iPhone 5s in the last few weeks?

This will be my last post on computers. Lets get back on topic.
This will be my last response since I will have made my points by the end of this message and I do need to focus on things other then computers.

I am certainly not confused about desktop computers vs servers. I am actually taking two different classes in distributed computing right now towards a graduate degree in Computer Science. And I've personally been responsible for maintaining from an application perspective about 20 virtual servers running on a VMware ESX host and around 5 Dell physical servers in the very recent past as a part of my core job responsibilities.

As for desktop virtualization which is industry shorthand lingo for virtualization of traditional desktop computers, I am talking about in the corporate world and I was addressing the point that Microsoft desktops can be virtualized on blade servers. Technically, they obviously can be and its a way for IT organizations to maintain even tighter control and easily backup "desktops" but its just not happening much at all in the business world since even with those virtual desktops, you still need to access them from some sort of terminal that costs money.

With VMware Fusion or Parallels in Mac OS X environments, virtualization is pretty good for basic tasks like Microsoft Word or web browsing but its too slow IMHO for software development or other tasks that sometime really tax the CPU.

I don't dispute the huge and very impressive profits Apple is making right now from the iPhone but I think Apple is an extremely risky investment at this price level given this trend of Android taking over worldwide.

And Android has only gotten stronger worldwide since then.

For the record, I think Apple's stock is pretty fairly priced right now and they should continue to make great money with the iPhone for 2-3 more years before those profits start to go down. I don't thing the smart phone market is drastically different then the traditional cell phones, digital cameras, computer, plasma/lcd tv, DVD player, and CD player markets. In all of those other electronic markets, profit margins eventually fell by quite a bit as competition heated up and the markets matured.