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If you are one person that love the car, takes care of it and keep it in a showroom shape (because this is your hobby) then purchase it. Lease is not financial viable for people who takes care of their car.
I owned all kind of brands in my life, I always got back a good amont of money back.
I keep them in an supreme condition so:

- I never got problems, regardless of reliability. In most cases reliability is very well influenced by the character of the owner.

- I always got a lot more then what the market said (over 30% more), once the car was seen was bought on spot. You think is not worth it because the market says so, have a good day, the right guy who knows me or see what it needs to be seen, will buy it. It is a huge difference between a maintained car and a car prepared for sale.

- yes, you may drive a new one, people always admire very well mainained cars. I have new and old, I always get offers on my cars. Allways.

- actually brings me money back if, either if I sell it or keep it because I am taking care of them.
Some people treat their cars like they didn't pay for them, but that's their choice I guess, for me maintenance is a hobby and I love doing it. A clean and well mainained car is a very happy car.

I know the business very well, I know the difference between the lease and finance, if you can not write something off, lease is not for you. However, if you are a guy who just turn the key and vacuuming, washing and polishing is sci-fi for you, then lease is maybe for you. If you can afford it it's up to you, but that depends on your priorities.
The new car gizmo's, warranty and stuff, it's so and so, if you keep the car for 5-6 years you may not have the latest Iphone connection but that's ok, I bought the 2012 X1 when they just arrived in Canada and now they have new mirrors and facelift. What you will do? Dump the lease for a new bumper style? What you buy today might be old tomorrow, but that's ok.
Anyway, I have seen people out there that drive a BMW for status but have poor shoes on their feet...