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Originally Posted by BMWrules7 View Post

Ugh, for fear of hihacking my own thread, please forgive me. Look, Apple has meat on its bones.

Microsoft, on the other hand does not. Yes, companies use the Microsoft desktop and there is a vigorous movement to virtualize the desktop too.

Doesn't the fact that you can easily virtualize 200 Microsoft desktops on two redundant blade servers tell you a lot about the emptiness of the Microsoft desktop?

Today, very few things run natively on the windows desktop. Most people use the Microsoft desktop for email access and browser access. Excepting for some heavy duty photoshoppers, the Microsoft desktop offers nothing much.

Now, turn to apple. It is all unix based. The spoke desktop is clean, efficient, and beautiful. Not to mention, you can run your cruddy windows inside your apple as a VM. You cannot, however, run the apple OS inside of a windows box. That alone says a lot about the crappiness of windows.

Microsoft has failed at just about every attempt at new technology. Why? Because it always ties some critical element to some closed Microsoft protocol.

Anyway, Microsoft is a has been. Their cash will eventually dwindle and some final scam will be exposed that will eventually destroy what's left.

Maybe apple is too costly right now for investment, but that's no reason to blow your money on a company on the verge of a sunset.
Sorry for continuing to get off topic so if you want to read about the X1 ignore this post.

I suspect Microsoft to have around 95% of the desktop market worldwide so they must be doing something right. On the other hand, Apple iPhone has actually been losing market share rather dramatically to Android for every iPhone now sold, there are 3 or 4 Android phones sold.

Even if desktop virtualization unexpectedly takes off, Microsoft still gets all of their licensing fees. Within Windows desktop environments, there has been virtualization such as Citrix farms for many years. From what I've seen within various IT organizations, it only increases Microsoft's sales since users still have their own Windows desktop which is licensed and then they pay for an additional Citrix/Microsoft licenses.

Very little things run natively on Windows desktop? Companies like SAP and Oracle -- two of the biggest software providers in the world -- have huge installed bases using some of their desktop applications. And obviously Microsoft Office(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook etc.) is basically on 85%+ of corporate desktop computers.

It is simply untrue in a corporate setting that the desktop is just a browser and email. Go into literally any pharmaceutical company or biotech or financial services companies today and you will see many different desktop applications that are not web based.

The last company I worked had well over 100+ different desktop applications for under 300 employees. I personally worked with 25+ over them at one time or another. Not every employee had every application but most of these application only ran on Windows XP or Windows 7. When a software vendor only expects to sell an application to 3-20 users at a company or they want the best performance, they often do not make it web based and they don't bother supporting Mac OSX.

In addition, Microsoft has the whole Xbox franchise which shows they can do well in new market segments that are unrelated to the Windows desktop.

If you were an IT Director or CTO of a company with 100+ knowledge workers, would you want to buy an OS that doesn't run tons of desktop applications and which you can only go to one source for buying hardware and Apple charges high premiums most of the time.

Running VMWare Fusion or Parallels ontop of Mac OSX is rather slow and so isn't bootcamp and that is the reason I dumped one of my two Apple computers and got a quad processor all in one Windows machine for $600.

And lastly the only reason, you can't virtualize Apple OSX is simply because Apple doesn't allow you. They are a very closed proprietary platform.