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True I'm not factoring in cost of maint/repairs over the last 2 years, 20k. If you're good/lucky you won't need brakes in that time. Barring something else major failing I don't think there's a whole lot to worry about- depending on the model/complexity. $500-$700 on a couple more visits seems reasonable. Any tire I've owned is pretty well shot after 30k- I don't know what their allowance on this is but I'm pretty sure they don't take baldinis. Yes, the longer you keep the more you'll save generally but years 7-9 could be scary/expensive when heavier major components start to fail.

Question wc: What are your payments on your X1s? 36k over 9 on three consecutive leases is $333/mo all in- you either got the best lease deal ever or you're in some serious denial. You're already talking about loyalty and a CCA rebate that doesn't exist yet I'm guessing when you turn the car in early- probably even worse financially. Your numbers are extremely optimistic. My point on taxes is that the portion paid on two leases plus two bank fees is equal to or greater than that of one purchase of a like-kind over 6 and not even close in states where the trade-in value is deducted off your new car's taxable amount. Oh, lest I forget the $350 disposition fee when you turn in. So, 2k in fees on two leases plus tax on about half of the car, 2/5s of the car, its still more regardless.

When it comes to $, leasing=losing with one exception- if you can deduct it as an expense.
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