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Originally Posted by BMWrules7 View Post
The truth behind the x1:

It is worth considering buying than leasing this brilliant and amazing vehicle.

Why? These puppies will hold their value and 24 to 36 months from now, the used market will be chomping at the bit to get ahold of these beauties.

You can buy an x1 now optioned for say $700 per month and 30 months from now you could trade it in for the same vehicle with the same options for a new x1 (at the time) with a net payment of $550. I predict 36 to 40 months from now into a 2.4% finance deal, you will be ahead of the curve.

Leasing is still a great option, but financing is not a bad idea since you will be first to supply the used market with x1s.

Time will tell, but the demand for used x1s will be strong---undoubtedly!!!
In general, I strongly agree with you sentiments. The US used car market won't be saturated with X1's for a number of years and that will help the resale value of the X1. The fuel economy and utility of the vehicle will also help.

I decided to lease for a few different reasons even though I almost paid for the car in cash.
1) I live in California which has an 8.75% sales tax in my area. There is a chance I could move from the area and if I decide to sell my car then, I would take a major hit with the sales tax of ~$2800 basically going down the drain. (Basically this is $2000 more then the immediate hit on the bank fee of $725 on a lease)
2) If I do move to a colder weather area, I may want to swap the sDrive version for the xDrive version. In short, leasing gives me an easier chance to do a do over. And since this is my first BMW, the odds are higher that I may want to do that.
3) I am not a member right now of the BMW CCA. Well if I join the BMW CCA and BMW offers a general rebate or option discount on the X1 lets say in December of 2013 and a loyalty rebate as well and the CCA $500 rebate starts up sometime in the next year, I will be in great position to turn in my current X1 and get a slightly different one and probably have my monthly payments go down...

But I did the math and I very strongly believe buying makes the most sense on this vehicle for most people that will keep the car for 3+ years and are buying a fairly lightly equipped X1.

Buying also makes a heck of a lot of sense if you are paying less then around $33,000 before taxes and live in a state where the taxes are <= 5% to buy either with cash or go to your local bank/credit union for the best interest rate possible.

In any state without a traditional sales tax or a very minimal tax, I would be buying unless I was truly buying the car with lots of expensive options that tend to depreciate quickly.