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Originally Posted by HottRodW View Post
Stiff competition this year - there are some very good vehicles on that list. At least half the vehicles on the utility side were on my list at one time. It will be interesting to see this shakes out.

Despite the lack of power, I think the CX-5 has a very good shot at taking it. (I think it would be a slam dunk if the diesel were available now.) I'll be surprised if the Fusion or ATS doesn't take the car title.
I also think it's a stiff one this year especially car of the year. ATS and Fusion does stand out as they take a huge step forward from their brand/old model. Especially Fusion hybrid that does 47mpg. Accord come close too imo as it offer lots of new features in its class, best ever cvt, class leading mpg on V6. However nothing got more attention this year than FR-S/BRZ that also impress all the auto journalist. Close call...

CX5 is very nice but it is just the the same direction as X1. Offer most fun to drive in its class while giving class leading mpg. Except X1 engine is much more impressive than that skyactiv. However both have the problem of not having the best interior room and material in its class. Dispite all the 'fire' it catches the Escape is also impressive compare to the old model.

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