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Hydraulic steering rocks

I was so impressed driving home tonight from the dealer with the steering feel of my new x1 i just had to post this quick review/opinion. Originally, i was very nervous purchasing a nearly loaded X1 sight unseen and NOT selecting the servotronic option. Phew, did i get lucky. It's NOT heavy. I don't think so, and neither does my wife - and we're not big, strong people. I don't understand why 80% of reviewers feel it's too heavy. However, it does feel more organic and consistent. More in touch with the road and what's happening under the tires. You could say more "dead" feeling because it's not as assisted. I've had servotronic steering on my Audi Q5 and while it's ok, you do feel it weight and unweight at different speed.

Bottom line, if you're trying to decide whether or not to get it, YOU DO NOT NEED SERVOTRONIC IN THE X1.
MO, of course.