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Originally Posted by jnm View Post
'Eco pro' mode really dulls the throttle response and overall does make the car 'feel' more gutless, but if you press the pedal harder/longer the car will eventually deliver the power. If you're just cruising around (and trying to drive economically) you actually don't notice it that much, but if you want any responsiveness the first thing I would do is turn it off.
Even without "EcoPro" the X1 comes with 3 different transmission settings:

Drive Sport
Drive Sport Manual

If you want "economy" you "have" to stay in "Drive" mode. The transmission seems to start in second gear and change gears really quickly to favor low revs and fuel economy.

In Drive Sport, the gears are maintained longer so the revs are higher giving some "boost" to the car for sure. Even when decelerating the transmission downshifts agressively giving the car a sportiest feeling I'd never had with any previous automatic vehicle I drove in the past. Funny but costly in terms of fuel efficiency.

To really appreciate the sportinest of the transmission you can select manual mode in drive sport and then you are the boss. It will shift or downshift as you go. No auto shifting here. If you go redzone then so be it. Of course, adios fuel efficiency. but the sound is great and the performance really cool.

It's a BMW after all.

If you really want to get fuel efficiency then "Drive" is the way to go. Less fun but better mileage.

Finally if you can always select a road with less traffic lights and stop sign, do it. My experience is the more I have to accelerate from a complete stop the worst it is for the fuel economy of my X1.

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