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Got Mine

Hi. Newbie here.

I just bought the 2013 x28i and love everything about it, but not the sound. I think the pre-amps on the radios are cranked too high at the factory. So on my 'professional' sound system they are just crap. The CDs sound great, but not the radios. I'm looking into replacing it with the dealer, or adding an attenuator before I get in to replacing amps and speakers. If the source sucks, nothing I can do will make that better.

I just moved to BMW from Audi at my wife's urging - she drives as 325 sedan - and I think the x1 is great. I wanted something with a little more room than my avant wagon but didn't want a full SUV.

I think some of the comparisons to other cars listed above are apples and oranges. There are things that are different in the BMW that are fairly strong when comparing to say VW. The feel is different - the warranties are different, etc

Anyway, wanted to say hi.