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I ordered mine on August 21. It completed production on September 5. It was reported as "released to carrier" and "awaiting transportation on September 7. It was reported as being transported to the port of exit on September 11. On September 12 it was reported as at the port awaiting shipping vessel. The status remained at that point until September 19, when it changed to 'in transit".

The X1 is on the Antares Leader, heading to Port Hueneme and that ship departed Bremerhaven on on September 15, early morning, so the BMW tracking information is/was running four days behind at that point.

Because the Antares Leader is a NYK Lines ship rather than a WWL ship, you can't track a specific vehicle by VIN. I have verified the ship information with the dealer. They are agreeing with the ship schedule and are currently telling me that it is expected to arrive at Port Hueneme on October 10 and they should have it, in Southern California, on October 15.

For those interested, one site I checked says Panama Canal on October 1, the other says September 29. It is difficult to accurately track a ship across the Atlantic, but once it gets close to Panama, the various AIS tracking sites will show its location and the Canal website has web cams that it you time it right will show the ship going through the locks.

Yes the 25 day trip from Germany to California is a difficult wait, without a lot of updates.