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You don't really need a guide to remove the dash and door trims. Just buy a generic trim removal tool online (there are quite a lot), and use it along with a piece of thin cloth to pry off the trims. Always start at the bigger end of the trims (so DON'T start at the AC side of the dash trim & handle side of the door trims), and just carefully pry them off. You need to unscrew 4 screws which attaches the AC unit to the dash. The angle is a bit weird, so you will need a longer screw driver to reach these.

I've removed mine a couple times to wrap in 3M CF vinyl. They are also very easy to put back, just line up the clips and pop them in.

On the other hand...I would love a guide to remove trims at the shifter. Looks a lot more complicated than removing the other trims.
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