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Heisalan let me help you as you seem to be very confused. Is English, by chance, your second language?

Your Client Advisor at the dealership should not make any promises about when a car being special ordered will arrive at the dealership. There are too many variables for them to make anything more than a ballpark estimate of arrival.

As said before, 6-8 weeks is a good ballpark estimate of the time it takes from the order being put in (usually when you give them the cash deposit) to the time it arrives at the dealership. Being on the east coast you may be closer to 6 weeks than 8.

Did you track your vehicle as it was being built either through BMW USA or the BMW USA 1-800 number? If so, when was your car completed? The tracking program gives you a very good idea of where your car is up to the point that it is dropped off at the port in Bremerhaven.

As Bill B said, unless you have already established in writing some deal where the dealership agrees to give you a discount if the car arrives after a certain date...then you have no grounds for asking for them to discount the car. On the other harm in asking for it.

Based on the other people on here, if you put your order in sometime in mid to late August, you are likely have your car sometime in ealy to mid October.

It is hard to follow some of your it possible that your CA at the dealership is encountering the same communication challenges? If so, this may be the cause of any misunderstandings. Then again, there are also just plain crappy dealerships too.
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