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Originally Posted by heisalan View Post
They said they cant, yet got the VIN.... Does that mean the car hasnt even been shipped?
Like I said Heisalan, east coast shipment use Wallenius Wilhelmsen, not NYK (K-Line).

I am from NJ and my x1 was finished on Sept 5th so we should be on the same boat. My rep tells me today that it is still sitting at the port so for sure it is not on "Toronto". I hope it will be on the ship Topeka or Carmen.

One way to check if your car being ship you can do this:

Go to

• Go to “track and trace” cargo section on the homepage.
• Enter the VIN in the “Cargo ID” field of the form
• Hit “Track”
• Status will be displayed once Wallenius has taken taken possession of the car and selected it for shipment.
• You will then know the ships name.
• If “no records are available” is displayed, Wallenius Wilhelmsen does not yet have your car in their possession, your car is not being
transported by their fleet, or the tracking system is lagging behind actual status – which is quite common.