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Originally Posted by MistySS
Originally Posted by heisalan
Jeremicium, we're on the same boat now! BMW's notice to US dealer says that if not receiving by Sept 23rd. there'd be a problem. Again, that'll only be "a problem", either bmw nor the dealer is to be fined. Wondering we can cut some hundreds when pay the dealer?
How are you finding out what ship it will be on? I'm super anxious to get my new car and it's been complete waiting to ship for about a week.
Once the cars get to the port and are assigned to a specific vessel the dealership is able to find the ship name. Your CA can get the ship name for you.

West coast bound cars have generally come on different ships than east coast cars. K-line shipping has traditionally delivered west coast cars...I tracked my 335 online in 2009.

K-line website shows Three ships leaving Bremerhaven bound for California in the next few weeks...all arriving in L.A. In early to late October.
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