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I signed the paperwork on my M Sport yesterday, and I'm picking it up tomorrow. Like most others, my car does not have the "standard" paddle shifters. I chewed on my CA for the better part of an hour yesterday and got nothing accomplished. The same BS ... to paraphrase: "our BMW rep will be notified of your issue, and he will work with you to find a resolution". They told me that at the very least BMW will refund $120, which is the cost of the paddles on the lower trim levels. I was insulted by the offer and told them so. The paddles were a significant selling point for me, and paying me $120 won't cut it. They also offered to re-order the car with the paddles, but by the time the correct car comes in, the $1,000 BMW Drive bonus will have expired. So in essence, the "free" paddle shifters would cost me $1,000 plus another two months of waiting. I nearly walked out, and I most definitely would have if I hadn't enjoyed the test drive so much.

My CA was mostly reasonable. I'm in sales myself, and I know what it's like to be the punching bag when somebody else screws up. I don't hold him directly responsible, but the dealership certainly didn't go out of their way to satisfy me. And they should make it a policy to go through the order guide with the buyer rather than build the car from your online configuration. I have yet to decide how I will rate my CA on the follow-up survey, but the dealership will get definitely get dinged. And at this point I have nothing good to say about BMW. I think the worst part is that nobody will own up to an obvious screw up. There's documentation everywhere for crying out loud! My experience with Audi has been nothing like this. Hell, my Subaru experience has been nothing like this. Such a superiority complex! Maybe I should have went with the allroad after all???

[end rant]