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Originally Posted by Shake View Post
Nice X1 with the m-sport package.

You went over the top with the fake photoshop blurring. I know you put time into editing the pictures, but in this case it just looks over the top, cheezy, and quite distracting. I see what you are trying to go for though (a crisp focused car and blurred background). Why don't you get a prime lens and shoot at a low f-stop? Perhaps a 35mm f/1.4. I appologize if I come off rude, but I'm just being honest.
Like I said these were fast pics!
Im a professional photographer by trade. I have prime glass out the ying yang. from nikon 24/ 1.2 to 200 /2.2 The focus here is not the Fu%^&ing blur background! JEZZZ! it's the CAR!
If I'd been requested or hired to shoot this car for $$$ then I'd scoped out a great landscape area and shot it like I know how to shoot without having to blur the background in respect to my neighborhood!

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