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Originally Posted by jnm View Post
Lol Papethova are you going to follow me in buying an X1 as a companion or your 1M?

(getting an x28 blue m myself. I'll save you some time since I researched this much is seems that spec is the pick if the litter for a 1M driver (m package on x meaning hydronic steering and up to 80% torque to the rear wheels)).
LOL very possibly. Honestly I just want to do another ED and this is the only BMW vehicle I have interest in thats built over there. Id much rather have an X5 or 6 but then I cant do ED... on the other hand I can get them as a real M car.

I too am leaning towards the x28 M in blue or white. I love the look of the X line but I would never get a car without sport seats. The difference between sport and non sport seats is drastic.

Im still debating but if I pull the trigger on this it looks like an x28 M Sport