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Hydronic as you call it steering, comes with all but sDrive X1s, but you're right on the torque split- why wouldn't they all do that already, especially the 35i? The problem is BMW is taking away the ability to customize. Maybe I don't want my nothing to do with motorsport division vehicle to be slathered with M badging in order to just get a sport suspension. OK forget sport suspension after all this isn't going to be a sports car anyway, just give me (if I'm paying 1450 for leather) terra interior with sport seats and 6MT option. No, how about some nice durable cloth that most of the world but US gets? BTW- where is that 4 cylinder diesel we all thought we'd see especially after this 2 year failure to launch? Its a nice car, right size for my needs but I think we'll have more, better (for some) choices (diesels) in the next 12-24 months. I can wait.
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