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Sorry but how many people live in Alaska? Just in Florida and California you probably have close to 15% of the US population with no need for 4 wheel drive except to go skiing in the mountains. I lived in Cincinnati, Charlotte and many cities in the south and 4 wheel drive would rarely ever get used unless you had to tow something and it's not really needed then. I have a 4 runner with 2 wheel drive my son tows his boat with. Not a lot of snow between S. Cal thru Texas to Florida so I think I'm probably not far off on my percentages. Heck this year no one in the country probably needed all wheel drive. I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia and my family never had a vehicle with 4 wheel drive and got through plenty of winters fine. If you don't have snow tires summer performance tires are pretty useless with all wheel drive anyway, they don't even work that good with all season tires. I don't believe I have seen a Chevy Tahoe or Suburban in many years that have 4 wheel drive. I guess everyone that doesn't live in S. Cal or Florida orders 3 series with X drive, my bad. What I'm saying is if it was so important than all 3 series would be bought with X drive and they aren't so it can't be that important. People buy the X3's and X5 for utility, driving position, room and style primarily. They sell all over the U.S. where all wheel drive is never used. Had two X3's and an X5 and never went off road, drove in snow or towed with them just like most people that buy SUV's.
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