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Originally Posted by Lucky13;11****18
Probably 90-95% of all Honda CRV, ToyotaRAV4, Ford Escapes are all sold with front wheel drive not 4 wheel drive. Just because something is called X doesn't mean it will sell. I actually think the opposite, why doesn't BMW offer the X5 and X3 in rear wheel drive and save the weight and gas mileage. Think about the Grand Cherokee, Toyota4runner and Nissan's that are rear wheel drive. Around here you can't find a 4 Runner with all wheel drive. Even the X3's main competitor the Lexus is sold probably 90% of the time with front wheel drive so what's the hang up? I would not be surprised to see an X3 with S drive in the future.
I doubt it, I think the percent of 4WD in compact CUVs is much higher, as majority of the U.S. population has to deal with snow and ice.

I do agree having RWD option for X1 is nice. I bet most of X1 will be sold in AWD form, except the ones in SoCal and Florida.