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Originally Posted by Lucky13 View Post
Looks much better than the X3 in my opinion. Yeh it's so ugly that it's the best selling SUV in Europe. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on looks but I prefer it over how any wagon looks. My wife actually wanted the F31 wagon but I talked here into buying an X1 due to looks. Sdrive will get almost identical fuel economy at 24 city and 33 hwy, sits slightly higher for better view and will actually be slightly smaller than the F31 and a lot cheaper in cost. Still has hydraulic steering instead of electric and a solid chassis in the E90.
It's funny how 2 ppl can find the exact same characteristics as 2 totally different things. I agree with all your points, but those are the reasons I wouldn't get an X1. I feel like the ride height is a compromise - either go high or go low. I feel fuel economy would be even better in a car/wagon b/c it would weigh less, but I would be willing to sacrifice it for a proper SUV. I totally see your POV, and that is prob why it will sell well here.
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