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Having purchased a BMW X1 (E84) which did not have any navigation fitted I wanted to fit a TomTom 1005 (5 inch model) without all the unsightly wires.

I looked at the BMW aftermarket solutions based on the Garmin models but have always liked my TomTom and it was also less than half the price of the BMW supplied solutions.

Having read almost all the BMW Forums I couldn't find any details of installing a TomTom into an X1 other than some very crude solutions using the Brodit Proclips which are great but you still have the wires across the dashboard which I hate.

In order to do this installation I purchased the following parts :-

TomTom GO Live 1005 Europe
TomTom Active Dock for fixed mounting (The one that screws to a plate or Brodit Proclip)
Mini USB cable to go from the Mounting Kit to the Charger
TomTom in car charger (High Speed Multi Charger)
BMW mount kit for the Garmin GPS they offer. This is just the plastic moulding that replaces the top Dashboard box) and a cable loom that you will not require (About 37 UK Pounds).
Set of Tools to remove Trim
Torx Screwdriver (for the screws that hold in the top dashboard box which we are about to replace).

TomTom have recently introduced a complete "Kit for fixed installation" which includes the USB Cable / Charger that connects directly to 12 volts which makes it even easier. With this kit you can wire the Active Dock directly to the back of the lighter socket and everything stays behind the dashboard. This was not available when I did my car. They also now provide a conversion bracket that will allow the use of almost the complete range of TomTom devices on to the same fixed Active Dock.

The first job is to take the new BMW Moulding and adapt it for the TomTom. I did this initially without any additional stiffening to the plastic and the GPS wobbled around badly as you drive along. So the solution was to add some plywood to the back of the moulding which was glued in place with epoxy resin (Araldite or similar).

First remove the Garmin ball which is held in place with two screws and drill the holes to mount the TomTom Active Dock. Drill a larger hole at the bottom which is big enough to pass the USB cable (I chose a cable with the smallest plug to keep the hole as small as possible).

Make up a suitable plate out of some plywood or something similar and glue it to the back of the plastic moulding. This really stiffened it up and makes all the difference once installed in the car - otherwise the GPS bounces around and the panel tends to rattle (not what we want in a BMW !!).

Once this is all together and the glue has gone off you can mount the Active Dock to the panel.

Now for the fun part of removing the BMW trim !! You need to remove the Dashboard trim with the centre vents to get to the screws that hold the box. You also need to remove the upper part of the centre console (just below the Aircon controls/radio) and the oddments box with the lighter socket. You do not need to take out the Aircon controls or radio so just leave these in place.

For the Dasboard trim it is held in place with clips that just push in to the dashboard frame. Just slip the Trim removal tool under the farthest end from the vents (top edge first) and carefully prise away from the rest of the dashboard. Once you have the first clip free just work you way towards the vents and the whole piece including the vents will just come away as one piece. Carefully undo the wiring loom plug from the two switches and you can then put the trim panel to one side.

Once the trim is out of the way you can carefully undo the two Torx screws that hold in the Box. Don't drop them or they will just disappear behind the dashboard never to be seen again !! Once the screws are removed the Box will just lift out from above. I usually magnetise the screwdriver so the screws don't fall off !!

Now for the bottom. The top part of the Console is just held with three clips (2 on the longer side). Just grab the panel and pull it towards you so it comes out horizontally. Once this is out of the way you should be able to remove the oddments tray together with the lighter socket. It's fiddly but it will come out with a bit of perseverance !!

From the top, drop the USB cable down the left hand side until you can grab it with your fingers through the bottom hole. It may take a few tries to get it in the right place. Thread the USB cable through the top of the Oddments tray moulding so you have access to the cable and then you can put the bottom back together. Obviously if you are going to use the later TomTom kit that includes the 12 volt charger then you can wire this into the Lighter socket having threaded the cable through in the same fashion. There is plenty of room behind the socket for the cables. The power supply unit can be held behind the dashboard with some velcro.

Now take the BMW Mount Kit panel, thread the USB cable through the hole you drilled and plug it into the back of the TomTom Active Dock. Drop the panel into place from the top and replace the two Torx screws through the Heater Vent area. DON'T DROP THE SCREWS !!

Once in place you can reconnect the switches and replace the Dashboard Trim.

In my set up I just plug the USB cable int the TomTom High Speed Charger (has two USB sockets) which is plugged in the lighter socket. So you can see a couple of inches of the USB cable at the bottom but I need the charger anyway for my phone !!

I hope the following photos will give you a better idea of how this was done and the finished article !!

You can also see these pictures with descriptions in my Photo Album "TomTom Active Dock Installation" from my profile.

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