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Originally Posted by dr.rock View Post
Had the front brakes replaced last week at Crowfoot BMW Gallery in Calgary. They told me they are the "updated" pads. Initially they were squeaking a bit in the cold but haven't heard them since the first day. I also noticed a small amount of break dust so maybe these new pads are a bit softer.
No instructions were given on how to, or not to, drive them.
Hopefully this lasts.
Thanks Dr. Rock. I just spoke with the dealership again regarding my (replaced) brake pads, and they are recommending that people drive with the new pads for approx. 1,000 kms before returning to the dealership (assuming they are still squeaking). Apparently there is a small raised section on each pad where it contacts the rotor. It can take about 1,000 kms (depending on each driver's braking behaviour) to wear down this raised section and allow the pad to 'seat' properly against the rotor. He noted that if, after 1,000 kms there is still a lot of squeaking, I should bring the vehicle back in and they will check the wear pattern on the brake pads to see if there is anything weird going on from a wear perspective. He also said that since they have been replacing the pads with the new parts, people who have driven more than 1,000 kms on the new ones have not had the squeaking continue. So fingers crossed, it may just go away! Sounds like that may have already happened with yours. Thanks for your post.

By the way, he did say that the repeated aggressive stops to 'set' the pads (which was suggested in the earlier post) may not be the best thing to do, as it might cause some burn marks to appear on parts of the pads (this would only be in situations with multiple aggressive stops performed in minutes).