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Originally Posted by Phil777 View Post
Just have ours in today at Parkview for the recall and the brakes, as well as the interior trunk light, and the auto wipers that have a mind of their own, and the seat belt tensioner. How much did we pay for this vehicle?? By the way, I asked the Service Adviser about the holes in the engine compartment that are exposed to the left front wheel well (the ones that most of us have covered over with duct tape in true handyman (and handywoman) fashion!) - he noted that the holes were there to provide additional cooling to the turbocharger since it apparently runs very hot in this vehicle close to the underside of the hood, and advised me to take the duct tape off to let it run cooler. He said it was more of an issue in the summer than the winter for obvious reasons... Any thoughts on this? Has anyone heard anything else (other than in the separate thread) on this issue?

By the way, DC - must have just missed you at Parkview - I saw a Deep Sea Blue X1 being driven my one of the service techs, and wondered if it might be yours...
Yike!!! I think only unknowledgeable technician can say those are cooling holes for the turbocharger....

The turbocharger heat is being dissipated thru the intercooler. The engine need cooling too, why don't we need a radiator for??

I forgot to mention that there's also oil that keeps the turbo smooth. So it will not cease under heavy load usage (like track racing)