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Originally Posted by musicteacher View Post
you should be able to get the same 17" tires sold at BMW along with replica alloy wheels for less than $2K taxes in.
Well based on what I've just been told (thanks guys) about the lack of TPMS in our wheels and the X1's iDrive monitoring, this now means the gap between BMW's package and Tire Rack's is about another $250 more. Meaning I would be saving about $650 (PRE-TAX) so about $750 post tax. This means Tires 23 would have to come in more around $1700 taxes in.

Anyhow I'll see what they can do, but I'd want at the least a low-pressure cast wheel and it can't be made in China. Japan or Germany...

You usually get what you pay for. Tire Rack is High (with a capital H) volume. So they can do great prices for quality product. Tires23, I'm sure is a good retailer (I know people who use them) but they're small margin in a highly competitive field, there's only so much you can do. But I'll still ask them as, all things equal, I'd prefer to keep the money local.