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Originally Posted by Canadian eh! View Post
Ordered Rial Salerno 17x8 wheels from TireRack in a 29ET offset with 225/50-17 pirelli winter sottozero series 2 runflats on them.

Not the cheapest option out there, but I like the fact that the wheels are spun cast and TUV rated, made in Germany. No spare tire means that for winter peace off mind the Runflat was worth it to me. To top it off they take a stock centre cap so the wheels look factory.

I have test fit them but not mounted them for the season yet (still not cold enough thank god!!) but I will take some pics in two weeks when I mount them up for the season.

Having test fit them, they fit perfectly, but JUST clearing the front brake rotor! So be careful on 17" wheels as not all may clear the brakes!!! The offset on the 17x8 is only 1 mm off from my stock sport package 18x8's up front (29 vs. 30 for an 8 inch wide wheel on the front) so no real difference. The rears also work well(et30 on the 8 inch wide wheel vs. et40 on the stock 9 inch in the rear) being narrower but running well within parameters, so no fitment issues at all. Stock 17x7.5 wheels all around are et34 so they run placed slightly further into the wheel well. I would have ideally picked the 7.5" wide wheels for the extra rim protection, but Tirerack have not imported them, although they should be available in Europe.

For anyone who is interested in BMW trivia, the stock 18" sport package y-spoke wheels are marked as made by Ronal Germany on the back.

One weird thing is do not tell tire rack that you want them for an X1 on the phone or they will refuse your order!!! They do not have X1's in the states and for "liability" reasons they would not sell me them as they had not tested them themselves!! I ordered online pretending to be a 2009 528i base model and selected the wheels and tires through that. Careful here though as the wheels I ordered are also available for a 528i with a 20mm ET offset. These will stick out WAY TOO far for an X1!!

I had checked the Rial website in germany and my fitment listed above is an approved fitment for the X1 by TUV and the wheel manufacturer so I felt safe in ordering.
Thanks for the info, I'm looking at ordering the exact same set.

btw, do you guys know what the bolt pattern is on the stock 17" model in Canada?

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