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Good post

For me the choice was a bit easier

Originally Posted by Mulberry View Post
The choice: Audi Q3 , Porsche Cajun but not available yet, Land Rover Evogue Was meant to be a Land Rover but then they realised they could charge 50% more by badging it as a Range Rover, its going to fall apart like the others so , Mercedes SLK ? not a 4x4, Alfa Romeo C4 no, never, not ever. New X1 M Sport Was not available yet so went for standard X1.

Originally Posted by Mulberry View Post
Now about that 3.0d engine and eight speed box........
Yep, if they do that, please BMW please , I will upgrade for sure. But then also waiting for the Cajun

Great upgrade that, thanks for the pics. You have a lot of trust in that workshop!
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